"One Rhyme To The Next" hits #1 on College Radio Charts

Rock Mecca’s single “One Rhyme To The Next”, featuring West Coast legend Ras Kass and Flipmode Squad empress Rah Digga, reached #1 on College Radio Hip-Hop Charts for the first week of July, according to rapattacklives.com. 


The single, which incorporates a popular bar from none other than Rakim, channels the 18th letter himself and is about refusing to dumb it down and championing lyricism over everything. “One Rhyme To The Next” was well received by DJs and continued to climb up the charts, powered by the performance of two rap heavyweights and the Queens lyricist, whose names all begin with the letter R.


“One Rhyme To The Next”, produced by France’s Dj DJO-One, is the first single from Rock’s upcoming EP “Fer”, which is slated to drop late summer.  The LP features Rah Digga, Ras Kass, Artifacts and many more. 


More details as soon as they become available.